Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Skin Care Routine

Hello again!
Today I have decided to share with you my daily skincare routine!
I'm one of those people who just cannot be bothered to have a proper routine, i prefer to just wash my face and go, BUT... lately i decided i needed to snap out of that and start caring more about cleansing my face! so recently i have been trying out new things and finally I think I found something that works for me!

So, to start off with I like to use garnier micellar cleansing water- this honestly is a God send- This is a drugstore equivalent to Bioderma so obviously is a lot cheaper! i bought this in superdug for £3.32 (baragain!)

I apply this to a cotton pad and gently smooth it onto my face, not only does this cleanse my face it removes any makeup so you dont need to worry about taking your makeup off!
If i am having an extremely bad skin day i like to use Nivea soothing cleansing moose- again this stuff is amazing!- when applying this i gently rub this around my face and neck and wash it off, feeling soothed and refreshed. Honestly, this stuff is like magic! On the bottle it says it is for dry and sensitive skin, I do not have particularly dry skin however I do have extremely sensitive skin especially when it comes to skin care so this stuff does me wonders!


Now its time for a toner! Before i started to care about my skin i never used to use a toner, i didnt really see the point, but recently i did some research and found that it really is important for your skin. The toner that i am currently loving is the Liz Earle instant booth skin tonic, all I do is apply this to a cotton pad and gently wipe my face leaving my skin feeling flawless!

 I like to finish my routine with a moisturiser, at the moment i am using two - one for the morning and one for night. In the morning i like to use No7 day cream for oily skin, i find that this is the perfect formula for my skin as it is water based so does not leave my skin feeling dry but instead feeling refreshed! I find that in the evening my skin is extremely oily and greasy and so i need a moisturiser that will still work its magic whilst not leaving my skin oily- nivea regenerating night cream is the answer- this honestly is the best moisturizer ihave ever come across and its affordable too!
No 7 day cream

nivea night cream

So there are my simple steps to having cleaner , healthier skin! i am so pleased to have finally found a skin routine that works for me- one that is both affordable and fantastic!

see you soon!
Lily ♡


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