Thursday, 1 May 2014

My haircare routine

First of all I just want to apologise for not posting in AGES! i have been so busy with school etc I just haven't had time for my blog!
Recently I’ve been having a revamp when it comes to my hair. After years of trying to achieve the perfect, natural wave with body and bounce, I thought it was time I strip things back so I could get to know my real hair.

Richard ward- keratin volume

As I wanted a brand that didn’t break the bank yet contained lots of hair loving ingredients, I opted for Richard Ward- with wheat protein and sugar beet to boost hydration and repair. I settled on their keratin volume shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is a thick consistency that aims to revive dry and dehydrated hair.
The conditioner for me sounds like heaven in a bottle claiming to revive and boost hydration and shine in your hair - which is everything I look for in a conditioner.   My hair is left feeling silky to the touch and Since switching to Richard Ward my hair is more manageable, sleeker and looks a heck more healthy. So for daily hair care, this brand gets two big thumbs up from me.


 Most of the time I like to leave my hair to dry naturally- no styling porduts or hairdryers.... BUT with hair like mine you never no what to expect, somedays its frizzy other days its flat so when I do style my hair I like to use Phil Smith Hot Stuff Heat Defence Spray with wheat proteins, to help minimise damage from heat styling.

phil smith hot stuff

When using this all I do is spray through my hair evenly about 20 cm away and then gently brush through with my tangle teezer- another favourite of mine!
So.. once ive done with heat protectant its on to the exciting bit- the styling tools!
The current straightner that I am using iis the ghd v gold- a bit on the pricey side but honestly it is so worth it!

GHD v gold hair straighteners

So that's it! that's my really simple hair care routine!

If you have any questions or queries please be sure to comment below


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

London haul ♡

It is not that often that I go into London, but today i popped into Knightsbridge with my family and lets just say i did a little damage to my purse...

i love London!

There are not that many clothing shops in Knightsbridge however the ones they do have i absolutely LOVE! First of all we went into Zara:
 I'm not going to lie i could of bought almost everything in this shop but i had to constrain myself and so as i am going away in 2 days i thought i could treat myself to a little pair of sunglasses!
I have been looking for a pair of sunglasses like this for ages so when i saw these i instantly fell in love! They are these 'retro' style sunglasses with a tortoise shell band- i think that tortoise shell really compliments my skin and hair tone rather than a harsh black.


The next place i dragged my parents into was topshop!
Again, i could of bought the whole shop but decided i would invest in some of their makeup!


 The first thing that i got was this matte topcoat..... and i LOVE it!!

as soon as i got home i painted this over my current nail colour and wow i love it- i think the matte effect can completely change a look!

 I have been looking for a new spring lipstick so after searching through almost everyone one of the topshop lipsticks i finally found one that was right up my street:


 This one is called 'whimsical' and it is a gorgeous peachy nude- although it looks rather orange in the picture! i really love this colour as it is a bit different to any of my other nudes yet it is still in my comfort zone-not too bright and not too dark! the packaging of these lipsticks are too hard to resist so that's an added bonus!

 And the final place i went to was boots- i had a voucher for models own and so i headed straight for their nail collection! i love all of the colours especially their scented pastel collection!

i decided to buy banana split as i wanted a colour that was a bit different to my usual- this is a gorgeous creamy pastel yellow which i thought would be gorgeous in the summer!
 And finally, who could resist a buy one get one free offer on facemasks? I picked up manuka honey peel off face mask and passion peel off- both sound delightful!

Thankyou for reading! really hope you enjoyed!
lily xo

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spring walk ♡

Hello again!
As it was such a lovely spring day, my family and I went on a long walk in the countryside- the views where unbelievable!

a beautiful lake

a water mill

a long trail that lead to a tower

the gothic tower

more spectacular views
After our long walk we visited a lovely café and I had the best hot chocolate ever:

Apologies for such a quick post, I just wanted to share with you the beautiful sceneries!
thankyou for reading!
Lily ♡

Friday, 4 April 2014

March favourites 2014

Where did march go? I didn't even realise it was April... anyway to start of this new month I am going to share with you my march favourites.

To start of I have been loving the garnier micellar cleansing water- I wont go into in too much detail as I have already done a previous post on this(please check that out- ) anyway, ,this has been my go to skin care product as it is very lightweight, and perfect for my skin!

sleek blush by 3
Maybelline dream pure bb cream
Now onto beauty products, for the month of march I have absolutely loved my sleek blush by 3 in pink lemonade, again I wont go into much detail as I have already done a review on this: and the colour I have been reaching for most is icing sugar which is such a flattering colour for my skin tone. For my face I have been loving my Maybelline dream pure bb cream which is honestly made for me- the consistency is perfect- not too think, not too runny- it has fantastic coverage and good shine control!
As for nails I have been loving Essie mint candy apple. Mint Candy Apple has some green hues in it but they seem quite pale and to me the shade is more of a true aqua blue- which makes it the perfect spring nail colour!
real technique's shading brush

The next thing I have been loving for the month of march is the real techniques shading brush. Real techniques brushes are usually quite expensive but I was lucky enough to have a voucher so got it for a lot cheaper! Nevertheless these brushes are defiantly worth the price- especially this one! I don't wear a lot of eye makeup however I do like to shade a neutral tone across my lid and this does me wonders!

It has been a long time since I curled up and read a nice long book but last month I finally overcame this and invested in looking for Alaska by John green. Ever since the fault in out stars, I have been such a big fan of john greens books and so I was intrigued to read this book. I really enjoyed reading this book as it is was an exciting yet emotional read!
gilly hicks running shorts

And the final thing I have been loving for the month of march are these running shorts from Gilly Hicks in the last closing down sale! I bought these in the winter and so have not worn them since but fortunately in march we had some great weather meaning I could wear these. I recently have been going on a lot of runs and when the weather is nice I like to wear these- they are extremely lightweight and I love the colour!

Apologies for such a long post but I have had so many favourites for the month of march and really wanted to share them with you!


Lily ♡

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Whats in my makeup bag #1 - spring 2014


At last spring has finally arrived and landed in my makeup bag!  One of the major trends for this season is mininmal makeup so for the past week or so I have been keeping my makeup very simple and fresh- no heavy eyes or dark lips. So now lets take a peek...

Makeup bag from asos

For face, I have finally tried the Maybelline dream pure BB cream  (a bit late on this one – I know!), which has a great overall coverage. On a good skin day I don’t even use concealer because the pigmentation of the BB cream is just enough to cover any spots, but If I am having an extremely bad skin day I will use my collection lasting perfection concealer to cover any nasty spots! To set all of my makeup in place I like to use rimmel stay matte powder- this honestly is the best invention ever- it keeps all of my makeup in place throughout the whole day and it works particularly well for me as I have oily skin so it minimises shine!

On my cheeks I have currently been reaching for sleek icing sugar blush by their new blush by 3 palette- I did a review on this palette so please do check it out!

benefit paint pot in samba dy loves me

MUA dusk till dawn palette

On my eyes, the perfect shade to get a completely natural and neutral look is benefit paint pot in samba dy loves me. I also like to use MUA dusk till dawn palette as it has some gorgeous neutral tones. 

Maybelline mega plush mascara

 On my lashes I am currently loving Maybelline mega plush volume mascara- this adds great length to my lashes at the same time as volumizing intensively. This mascara also feels incredibly lightweight which is an extra bonus!

current eye favourites!

bourjois liner feutre eyeliner

I like to vary the mascara I use quite frequently and if i'm not using mega plush then it has to be benefit they're real. Despite the fact that I had heard so many great reviews I never came round to buying it, but luckily for me I received it as a Christmas present and ever since then I have never found a better mascara! As for liner, im not the biggest fan of a big cat eye however I sometimes like to add a little tight line to my upper lash line- Bourjois liner feutre is perfect for this!
mac chatterbox

Finally, my lip choice has to be mac chatterbox. This is the perfect spring/summer colour- a vibrant petal pink with a hint of shimmer!

So that's it for now!
I really hope you enjoyed, please comment any ideas you would like to see in further blogposts!




Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sleek Blush by 3: pink lemonade


Hello lovelies!

Recently I popped into Superdrug to buy some essentials and just as I was going to the checkout the hard to resist sleek counter caught me eye.

 I've only ever tried one of their products, that being a lip-gloss, and despite hearing great things I never really came across purchasing any more of their products. However, as I was browsing through their collection I was super excited to find one of their new Blush by 3 palettes. The one I decided to invest in was 'Pink Lemonade', which comes with three beautiful pink shades - definitely right up my street!

 I am a huge fan of blush as I think that it can change up your whole look- if I think I'm looking a bit tired or dull there's nothing better than a gorgeous shimmery blush to 'wake' me up! I have heard so many good reviews on sleek and so I had high standards for this product and it certainly did not disappoint.

icing sugar
pink mint

This palette comes with two shimmery powder blushes and one cream blush, all in gorgeous pink shades. The two powder blushes; icing sugar and pink mint are very pigmented so only a small amount is needed to give you a subtle flush of colour. Icing sugar is a beautiful blue toned pink with golden shimmer through it, this I would definitely recommend to anyone with pale skin as the blue tones are extremely flattering whilst the golden shimmer adds just the right amount of warmth. Pink mint is a much warmer, almost coral pink also with a golden shimmer through it, again this is a very flattering colour!



I've never been a big fan of cream blushes as I have always found them to be a bit too 'heavy' on my skin however I stood corrected when I tried out macaroon. The colour of this one is amazing and flatters my skin tone perfectly. It is the perfect consistency, perfect colour and in all honesty the best blush. ever. The colour is a fairly neutral pink and so can be worn underneath other blushes or alone for a more subtle look. It blends out really well and leaves a slight dewy finish. perfect!

Thankyou so much for reading!

I really hope you enjoyed!

Lily ♡