Friday, 4 April 2014

March favourites 2014

Where did march go? I didn't even realise it was April... anyway to start of this new month I am going to share with you my march favourites.

To start of I have been loving the garnier micellar cleansing water- I wont go into in too much detail as I have already done a previous post on this(please check that out- ) anyway, ,this has been my go to skin care product as it is very lightweight, and perfect for my skin!

sleek blush by 3
Maybelline dream pure bb cream
Now onto beauty products, for the month of march I have absolutely loved my sleek blush by 3 in pink lemonade, again I wont go into much detail as I have already done a review on this: and the colour I have been reaching for most is icing sugar which is such a flattering colour for my skin tone. For my face I have been loving my Maybelline dream pure bb cream which is honestly made for me- the consistency is perfect- not too think, not too runny- it has fantastic coverage and good shine control!
As for nails I have been loving Essie mint candy apple. Mint Candy Apple has some green hues in it but they seem quite pale and to me the shade is more of a true aqua blue- which makes it the perfect spring nail colour!
real technique's shading brush

The next thing I have been loving for the month of march is the real techniques shading brush. Real techniques brushes are usually quite expensive but I was lucky enough to have a voucher so got it for a lot cheaper! Nevertheless these brushes are defiantly worth the price- especially this one! I don't wear a lot of eye makeup however I do like to shade a neutral tone across my lid and this does me wonders!

It has been a long time since I curled up and read a nice long book but last month I finally overcame this and invested in looking for Alaska by John green. Ever since the fault in out stars, I have been such a big fan of john greens books and so I was intrigued to read this book. I really enjoyed reading this book as it is was an exciting yet emotional read!
gilly hicks running shorts

And the final thing I have been loving for the month of march are these running shorts from Gilly Hicks in the last closing down sale! I bought these in the winter and so have not worn them since but fortunately in march we had some great weather meaning I could wear these. I recently have been going on a lot of runs and when the weather is nice I like to wear these- they are extremely lightweight and I love the colour!

Apologies for such a long post but I have had so many favourites for the month of march and really wanted to share them with you!


Lily ♡


  1. I love reading a good book too but the last one I started to read I didn't even finish! I started to get bored of it. The one I read and finished before that was JK Rowlings new one The Cuckoo's Calling and I loved it. I've also heard a few people talk about The Fault in Our Stars is it worth buying?

    Yazmin xx

  2. I have been dying to try that Maybelline BB Cream! Awesome review - I must find it now!!! Great post girl! xox

    1. I honestly think it is the best! it is defiantly worth it! thankyou xox

  3. That Micellar water looks great :) I'm going to try that when my L'oreal one is finished up! :) xx

  4. Just come across your blog and followed :) loving your posts so far!
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  5. I really want to try more BB creams so might have to give that a go, I also want to read Looking For Alaska after falling in love with John after reading tfios!
    Amy xxx
    messing with a dreamer

  6. Was wondering about the Loreal water but unfortunately we don't have it in the US yet :( How do you like it compared to Bioderma (if you've tried it)?