Thursday, 1 May 2014

My haircare routine

First of all I just want to apologise for not posting in AGES! i have been so busy with school etc I just haven't had time for my blog!
Recently I’ve been having a revamp when it comes to my hair. After years of trying to achieve the perfect, natural wave with body and bounce, I thought it was time I strip things back so I could get to know my real hair.

Richard ward- keratin volume

As I wanted a brand that didn’t break the bank yet contained lots of hair loving ingredients, I opted for Richard Ward- with wheat protein and sugar beet to boost hydration and repair. I settled on their keratin volume shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is a thick consistency that aims to revive dry and dehydrated hair.
The conditioner for me sounds like heaven in a bottle claiming to revive and boost hydration and shine in your hair - which is everything I look for in a conditioner.   My hair is left feeling silky to the touch and Since switching to Richard Ward my hair is more manageable, sleeker and looks a heck more healthy. So for daily hair care, this brand gets two big thumbs up from me.


 Most of the time I like to leave my hair to dry naturally- no styling porduts or hairdryers.... BUT with hair like mine you never no what to expect, somedays its frizzy other days its flat so when I do style my hair I like to use Phil Smith Hot Stuff Heat Defence Spray with wheat proteins, to help minimise damage from heat styling.

phil smith hot stuff

When using this all I do is spray through my hair evenly about 20 cm away and then gently brush through with my tangle teezer- another favourite of mine!
So.. once ive done with heat protectant its on to the exciting bit- the styling tools!
The current straightner that I am using iis the ghd v gold- a bit on the pricey side but honestly it is so worth it!

GHD v gold hair straighteners

So that's it! that's my really simple hair care routine!

If you have any questions or queries please be sure to comment below


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